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ICOffice team will help you to prepare and to organize the ICO properly. Welcome to the world of profit-making technologies and progress, where any tasks are real and can be implemented.



We have worked in classical marketing and PR, have written texts, developed websites and created a corporate style. Now we are ICOffice. We use our knowledge and expertise to launch your ICO projects successfully. We will help to elaborate the concept of the project, the economic model and legal details so that your project can become a successful product that will be useful to customers and attractive to investors.


We prepare all the necessary texts for the project from short announcements to the Whitepapers.


We make promotion everywhere: in social networks, at the forums, blogs and in the media.


We develop the strategy and provide consulting services at all the stages.


We will create and elaborate comprehensive technical service for the ICO (ITO, TGE).


We create a corporate style that will convey the idea of the project. We will elaborate the design of each and every element of the campaign from presentations to an official website.


We are an ICO consulting agency. In simple words, ICOffice. We are marketing experts, business developers, PR specialists, journalists, copywriters, designers, programmers, lawyers and translators who will run your ICO campaign correctly. Business goes hand in hand with new technologies. ICOffice has all the resources for your project to bring a result to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are the Cupids of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who will help you to raise your hard cap.

How we can help you?

We will write the Whitepaper for you, which is a must if you conduct an ICO.

We will also use classical methods: smm, targeting, analytics, setting up member areas.

We will advise you what media are good to cooperate with, whether you need paid advertising in the media and what are the optimal ways to allocate the budget.

We will create a community and will communicate professionally with everyone who are interested in your project.

We will create content for your social networks, blogs and a website, will elaborate your ideas to quality texts and will translate the texts into different foreign languages.

We will launch a bounty campaign, will monitor, guide and make calculations for a bounty program.

We will create a logo, a corporate style, presentations and other visual elements.

We will make your landing page to create a community and investors from the first days of the campaign.

We will make a list of events you should visit (and a list of those you should avoid, even if you will be paid for).

Also we can develop bots.

We have experts in economy and legal schemes.

In the evenings we practice yoga, Thai boxing, public speaking, downshifting and hiking in the mountains. You can join us if you wish!

We do not know everything about ICO. Actually no one knows. But we make our work well and are familiar with mechanics, nuances and new technologies. We know how to run a successful ICO campaign and how to launch your project.

Give us a call, join us in Facebook or Telegram and launch an ICO with us. Now it’s the right time!



Kim is a founder and a leader who achieves high results for many years. I have 20 years of work experience in major Russian companies on top positions: Sberbank of Russian Federation, higher school and also in foreign companies. I hold four higher educations including RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) with a degree in Management of innovation and investment projects and also I hold an MBA degree.

Kim Khalimov

I am a professional with 10 years of experience is communications. I worked as a crisis manager, I’ve created and put into reality strategic and tactical plans. I have experience of increasing the traffic to media resources starting from 300 thousand visitors per day to 950 thousand visitors per day. I wrote articles for “Izvestia”, SPb Vedomosti”, “Moscow - Tel-Aviv” journal, “Modern home” etc. I worked as a marketing and advertising expert in KNAUF, graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a degree of a journalist, had my practice in Austria and Israel.

Anna Berova

I work for six years in IT industry. I develop websites and applications; I am quite good at Internet marketing and purchase funnels and I am involved in investment projects. I created a cleaning company from scratch and then sold it after three years with the staff of 12 people and monthly revenue of 5 thousand USD. Evgeny Moskalyuk (project manager, bounty expert)

Alexei Sindiukov

I have an expertise in team work, mostly on top positions. I have much experience in business, I’ve managed the projects in real estate, auto business, entertainment industry and microfinance. I was involved in developing communities for several cryptocurrencies for more than two years and I am a trader in cryptocurrency market.

(Project manager)


Sandcoin project

We are currently working on six projects from various areas: mining industry, finance, IT, logistics and p2p platform that are about to start trading on exchanges.

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